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We offer a range of services, if you require works that are not outlined on our website, please call our offices to discuss.

Diamond Drilling

FROG can diamond drill any size hole from 8mm – 500mm (for larger diameters we will price on application). When core drilling we are able to drill through all materials such as Reinforced Concrete, Brick, Stone and Timber. For larger openings and abnormal shapes we can use the Diamond Stitch Drill method. We also carry out test drilling if needed.

Diamond Sawing

FROG can accommodate for all types of diamond sawing including Floor Sawing, Track/Wall Sawing, Ring Sawing and Chain Sawing. Depending on the task in hand FROG will determine the most efficient way of executing the works.

We offer a full range of sawing services including wall chasing, floor chasing & cutting boxes for electrical services.

Concrete Bursting & Concrete Crunching

FROG has the suitable equipment and skill to carry out Hydraulic Bursting and robotic demolition such as Hydraulic Crunching, which is commonly used to remove large sections of Concrete i.e. suspended floor slabs, Walls, upstands, beams/columns and stairways. These forms of controlled demolition benefit our clients due to its noise output (operates at very low levels), are dust free and very safe.

Please note FROG specialise but are not limited to the above types of work, please contact us if you would like further information about what we can do.

We offer our services across all of London and the South East of England. However we can travel further if required depending on the scope of works, please contact us for more details.